Tigerscheme Penetration Testing

RM Information Security has chosen Tigerscheme as its preferred certification for penetration testing.

Tigerscheme qualifications are recognised by CESG, as the National Technical Authority for Information Assurance in the UK, as technically equivalent to the most senior examination level for penetration testing (CHECK Scheme Team Leaders). The scheme is also run independently with a rigorous examination process.

Our consultants have achieved the Senior Level Tigerscheme qualification (SST / Check Team Leader). This is based on a written paper, a multiple-choice paper, a six hour 'assault course' practical assessment, and an interview during which the candidate is asked to explain their findings from the practical assessment.

Tigerscheme Penetration Testing

More about the scheme:

Tigerscheme is a commercial certification scheme for technical security specialists, backed by University standards and covering a wide range of expertise.

Tigerscheme was founded in 2007, on the principle that a commercial certification scheme run on independent lines would give buyers of security testing services confidence that they were hiring in a recognised and reputable company.

Tigerscheme provides for career progression through entry level certification, intermediate level certification, and senior and technical specialist roles. Certification under Tigerscheme provides a formal recognition of an individual’s skills, and is awarded based on a rigorous independent assessment against published and widely-accepted standards.

For more information or to validate skills please visit: http://www.tigerscheme.org/index.php

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