Why RM Information Security

At RM Information Security the people you speak to are the people who will deliver the test and provide you with ongoing support. We understand that good security goes far beyond penetration testing, our pragmatic and risk based approach helps resolve our clients’ problems and develop a roadmap for better security.

Our strengths:

  • Communication: A founding principal of RM Information Security is “great communication” we place great emphasis on interacting with our clients throughout each penetration testing engagement and beyond.
  • Flexibility: Typically, daily calls or emails about progress and plans enable us to guide and amend complex penetration testing engagements to deliver focussed results that are of great value to your business. This approach also helps you gain an understanding of the issues in real time and mitigate critical findings swiftly.
  • Experience: A penetration test is often only as good as the consultant delivering the project. Working with a thorough methodology backed up by strong industry experience enables us to provide clients with accurate vulnerability identification. We often assess systems that have been pentested frequently by other companies and find vulnerability classes that have been previously missed.
  • Clear Reporting: We take great pride in understanding our clients’ requirements and needs. Our reporting is designed to be accessible to a variety of audiences within your business, presented clearly and unambiguously.
  • Impartial advice: RM Information Security are privately owned and do not have strategic relationships with technology vendors. The advice we provide you with is “independent”, appropriate and not driven by profit.
  • Hands on approach: Penetration testing is a broad term that covers a number of disciplines from vulnerability scanning through to high skilled manual exploit development. RM Information Security deliver hands on assignments using cutting edge techniques that mimic the actions of a skilled attacker. This ensures your report is free of “false positives” and goes well beyond vulnerability scanning.
  • Trusted Advisor: Our ability to communicate with audiences from the executive board level right through to developers, network technicians and third party providers forms the basis of a strong ongoing relationship. Our ambition with all clients is to become your trusted security advisor.

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Why RM Information Security

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