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WannaCry thoughts and advice

5 minute read

RM Information Security has been contacted by several companies who are concerned about the WannaCry ransomware outbreak. In response, we have captured the t...


Control Environment - Part 7 - Logging

1 minute read

Your logs are full of information and have lots of things to tell you. Often seen as a control only large organisation attempt to implement, businesses of al...

Control Environment - Part 4 - Policy

2 minute read

Following on from the initially dull sounding Inventory control we move swiftly to the equally non appealing Policy control, but that’s just on the face of i...

Control Environment - Part 3 - Inventory

2 minute read

On the surface having an inventory sounds like a check box audit exercise, onerous and quite frankly a little bit boring. From an attackers point of view car...

Control Environment - Part 2 - Overview

1 minute read

Defending a business from attack is multi-faceted and hard work. Whereas an attacker only need to find one weakness to breach an organisation. Having a pragm...