Network Pen Testing

Network Pen Testing

Internal and external infrastructure underpins all IT services. Vulnerabilities can lead to complete compromise, loss of data or service impacts throughout a business.

RM Information Security specialise in tailoring infrastructure assessments to maximise value, rather than simply running automated scanning tools. We work with you to assess the scale and complexity of your infrastructure, including any dependencies to 3rd party suppliers and business partners.

Whilst penetration testing allows us to validate the effectiveness of existing controls and understand vulnerabilities you are exposed to, often the most valuable stage is after penetration testing is completed. We work with you to assess the architecture, develop security build standards and effective controls that enable you to prevent malicious attacks and safeguard future developments as your business evolves. This is where our role as a trusted advisor is most effective.

Our network security services include:

  • Infrastructure penetration testing
  • Perimeter assessment
  • Firewall security review
  • Build configuration review 
  • Wireless security assessment
  • Remote access security testing
  • Workstation breakout testing
  • Network / infrastructure security workshop

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